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April 29, 2019


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Elaborate Triathlon Wetsuit Buyer’s Guide

Are you intending to participate in a triathlon competition and you need a triathlon wetsuit? Just like other sports gears, triathlon wetsuits come in different types and sometimes as a beginner, it might be difficult to distinguish them and identify the right one for you. Choosing the best triathlon wetsuit involves looking into a number of factors which this article examines.

Make sure you are comfortable in the wetsuit. People have different body sizes, and likewise, triathlon wetsuits come in different sizes to fit different people who need them. You can know the right size by taking your body measurements before you walking into the outlet to buy the wetsuit. If you cannot take accurate measurements, then you will be sure to find hyperflex wetsuit sizing which can help to find the right size of wetsuit for your body. It is no big deal if the leg section is long because you can cut it off to an appropriate measure.

Ensure that you can move freely in the wetsuit. A lot of motion is required during a triathlon, and your wetsuit should facilitate smooth movement. The key parts that should have free motion are the shoulders and hips.

What is the wetsuit’s buoyancy? All wetsuits provide buoyancy but at different levels. If you want additional assistance, then it is preferable to choose one with extra neoprene in strategic places. Therefore, if you need help, then you should consider a wetsuit with neoprene, and you can get such details when shopping online.

Opt for either sleeves or sleeveless wetsuit. A majority of wetsuit models have the sleeveless and sleeves versions. Depending on your preference, you can pick the most suitable for you but remember that the sleeveless design is cheaper than the sleeves design. While you get the price advantage by choosing the sleeveless design, you miss out on the technology used to make the shoulders and back of the sleeves design.

Choose a reputable brand of triathlon wetsuit. With numerous brands of triathlon wetsuits flooding the market, beginners might not know which one is the best. Buying the wetsuits from the peddlers on the streets increases your chances of getting a substandard wetsuit that will not serve you for long. Buying triathlon wetsuits from manufacturers’ websites is prudent.

Consider the price of the wetsuit. Do not be quick to choose the cheapest wetsuit without considering the quality. Since numerous stores the wetsuits, you can compare different options and identify the most affordable according to your budget. A variety of sellers are in the market, and you can survey their prices and quality standards before choosing the right deal. Therefore, in your budget, you must allocate some money for other triathlon gears and not only the wetsuit.