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April 29, 2019


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EMP Bags And How To Use Them

You should know the significance of knowing how to make use of the EMP bags in the first place. It’s also necessary for you to be able to choose the right size for the EMP bags that you need. If you’re not sure what EMP bags are for, then doing a quick online search should provide you the necessary info. You can also view here if you’re trying to find the right EMP bag size for yourself.

The importance of emp protection

When it comes to electromagnetic pulse generation, you should know that there are several sources for it. Most of the time, the sun produces the EMPs that we know of. Rest assured though since EMPs from the sun aren’t destructive enough to reach earth’s atmosphere. In addition to that, we also have manmade EMPs. With that said, you should know that the electromagnetic bomb is a power source of EMP. With that said, you can read more about its effects if you’re somewhat curious. If you’re still not certain why EMP bags are needed, then this article will help you figure that out.

One thing that you have to know about the EMP is the fact that its energy can travel through conductive surfaces such as metal. The EMP has a radius which means that the blast zone will disable and burn out most of the electronic devices in range. This means that power lines and antennas can even extend the range of the EMP. Although an EMP blast doesn’t really have any effect on the human body, it’s still powerful enough to affect electronic implants. In any case, having an emp proof gear is necessary should there would be a danger of EMP burst or explosion. If you’re interested, this company should be able to show you the different emp proof gears that are needed to counter the effects of the pulse.

The benefit of knowing this information

One thing that you should know about a solar flare is that it generates about 50 decibels of gamma radiation. The emp bag is needed to ensure that the fifty decibels would just become six decibels. As you might already know, 6 decibels of EMP is not enough to cripple the electronics. Since EMP bombs produce as much gamma radiation, it’s safe to say that emp bags are reliable enough to be considered as EMP bomb shields. Still, you should know that there are also stronger EMP bombs.

If you’re wondering how the emp bags are doing their work, then you can go here!

In any case, a super-EMP bomb is capable of unleashing 80 decibels of electromagnetic pulse. However, the counter attack for this devastation is by simply nesting the emp bags. So in order to nullify the effects of the super-EMP bomb, the emp bags must have double the layers or at least nested within each other.

While the military usually make use of the emp bags, it’s also important that the average person will be able to have their protection against EMPs.

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