5 Key Things You Need to Know While Photographing Corporate Events

Corporate event photography can be a daunting task, especially when people are networking and don’t want to be disturbed. Corporate events can be of various types – from conferences, and sales events to receptions and parties. The challenge lies in compelling coverage as poor coverage not only harms the brand identity but leads to poor networking too. While there are different ways to photograph corporate events, hiring professional event coverage services can help to get the job done professionally and flawlessly.

Whether you engage professionals or decide to do it yourself, here are some key things to know:

    • Have the right equipment: Corporate event photography doesn’t need lots of fancy equipment. Instead, it needs a perfect blend of the right gears. Usually, an external power flash with reflector or diffuser, full frame DSLR with a moderate range zoom, memory cards and spare batteries are good for the job. However, there are other details that need to be taken care of. If the event takes place in a large hall, a telephoto lens is a must. If it’s a compact venue, then a wide is essential. A second body camera is usually suggested for more serious event photography to avoid switching lenses regularly.
    • Study the location: Analyzing the lighting conditions and scouting the location play crucial roles in ensuring good event coverage. Before the event, visit the venue to get a clue if you’ll be dealing with minimal light indoors or plenty of light. In case you can’t visit the venue before the event, ensure to gather adequate information about the venue and lighting conditions from other sources.
    • Grab the best shots: When it comes to corporate event coverage, moments pass quickly. If you fail to adjust quickly, you’ll fail to have the shot. Remember to take care of the minute details and capture compelling shots. For instance, a wide aperture with fast shutter speed for the key speakers, or keeping the aperture small enough for group shots to keep everyone in focus can help.
    • Focus on shots for marketing: While it’s crucial to get shots of people having fun, it’s also crucial to have shots that can be used for marketing purposes. In this age of social media, businesses often share images of their corporate event coverage immediately. While focusing on the faces of attendees is positive and powerful, it’s also important to focus on abstract shots that can be used for branding and marketing purposes.
  • Quick edit, fast delivery: In today’s fast-paced life, businesses want a quick turnaround time. Once a couple of days are gone, the images become a little stale. And people move to the next events and lose interest in yesterday’s news. You should make sure that once the event is over, you edit the images taken and deliver them fast.

These key things play crucial roles in the success of corporate event photography. For an individual, handling a corporate event to ensure excellent shots and adequate coverage is often a tough task. With the help of professional event coverage services, you can make your next event a memorable and successful one sans the tension and headaches.

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